Architectural Masonry Supplies

………………..”building the future"

Manufacture starts with block stone bought in from the quarry. We have access to a variety of quarries – always those English quarries who are able to supply limestone of top grade which has stood the test of time throughout the country and whose name is synonymous with quality.

  • Local quarries offering Ancaster Hard White, Ancaster Weatherbed and Cadeby limestone.
  • From further afield, Oxfordshire Ironstone, Cotswold Stone, Guiting and Bath Stone.
  • And other stones as specified by or best suited to a contract.

We can offer detailed drawing and scheduling before the manufacturing process commences with the accurate cutting of the block on our CNC saws before being transferred to our workshops for carving and hand finishing by our Banker masons - which ensures close inspection and quality control throughout.

The new stonemasonry may be part of a range of standard products used in new house building and complying with today’s Building Regulations or for a specified bespoke design - architectural masonry skilfully produced to the client’s specifications as the photographs through out our web site illustrate.

We supply our fellow members of the stonemasonry industry, developers, Estates, educational and ecclesiastical establishments as well as a range of requirements for private clients.

Our service areas are Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Rutland and the surrounding areas.