The Rebuilding of the Thring Wall

Thring Wall Uppingham is a Grade II listed wall abutting a Grade II listed barn and Manor House in Uppingham

The wall was in need of considerable repair but also needed to be slightly repositioned in order to comply with the Highways Dept when positioning a new pedestrian crossing.

The Conservation Department of the Rutland District Council allowed permission for the repositioning of the historic wall on the understanding that it was –

“rebuilt as near as possible to resemble the original in order to preserve the traditional “Street Scene” of Uppingham.”

A full dimensional survey and photographic record was undertaken to both faces of the existing wall prior to its demolition in order to allow its being rebuilt to -

  • the same height and width
  • with prominent feature stones reclaimed and re-laid in the same positions in the wall
  • and copings and castellations rebuilt as in the original wall
  • the two elevations and their infill being constructed in a traditional manner to add strength and stability to the new wall.

The whole exercise has been very successfully achieved with all dimensions and character reproduced but now the rich and varied colours of the mature Ironstone can be appreciated.

A new vehicle entrance with a bespoke gate was incorporated into an adjacent section of wall, together with drainage, service connections, paved areas and external lighting – a contrasting modern design and approach which works well alongside the traditional Ironstone wall.